Professional Services

Animal Training

Parvene provides private consultations for owners and their pets. Both non-human and human animals are trained together. The goal is to teach owners to understand basic learning principles and gain the mechanical skills necessary to train effectively on their own. These tools make it possible for the owners to communicate clearly with their companion, creating the foundation for a harmonious lifelong partnership.

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Training of the human animal is always approached with the same kindness as the non-human animal. Owners are set up for success along with their animal teammate. Every owner’s individual commitment to working closely with his or her companion is the most important factor in each training equation.



Once the owner learns these simple techniques they are encouraged to continue to develop a trusting and positive relationship with their pet. The goal is for that ever-increasing communication and cooperation to continue for a lifetime.



Behavior Problems

DogChewingOften a situation is already at a difficult state when Parvene is called in to assist. In these cases clients are usually seen in their home and a program specifically designed for that particular animal and owner combination is implemented.

Steps are taken to maintain the safety of both owner and animal especially in aggression cases. Owners are always dealt with openly and honestly; owners are apprised of risks, prognosis, and the degree of management necessary to keep themselves and others safe.

Parvene will work in consultation with veterinarians or even other behaviorists to assure the greatest success in changing unwanted behavior and building new more desired behavior.

Educational Services and Media Events

ParveneSwedenParvene gives lectures, seminars and workshops worldwide to many groups including, training professionals, veterinarians, educational institutions, and the public. Topics include, behavior analysis, application of behavior analysis to training human and non-human species, animal behavior, human and dog interaction, as well as many other topics.


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